Who are the governing body RTITB?

rtitb accredited courses

The Road Transport Industry Training Board (RTITB) are the leading body in workplace transport training accreditations. The help business grow and set standards by making measurable improvements to training standards, from efficiency in the workplace and reducing risk, increasing safety and most importantly saving lives.

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The RTITB have been examining lift truck instructors since 1968 and have maintained a register of qualified forklift training instructors since 1974.

What is accreditation mean?

Accreditation is all about providing the best service and support possible to customers while upholding the highest standards as deemed by the RTITB.

When organisations undertake practical training from an RTITB registered trainer, they can be assured that they are meeting specific objectives and are being independently monitored.

What to the RTITB do?

The RTITB monitor and assess training standards within the lift truck industry and accredit training organisations that are able to meet their high training specifications.

The RTITB runs the National Operator Registration Scheme (NORS) which produces centralised certification for those who have undergone training. They introduced a national certification process where they issue certificates and training cards on behalf of all training providers. To obtain a certificate, all their training criteria has to be met.

RTITB Forklift Training Courses with PD Training

Here at PD Training, we use RTITB registered instructors and examiners. All of our instructors have undergone a course in instructional techniques and are able to provide evidence of their registration with the RTITB.

To become better forklift truck drivers, you must enhance your skills. We have a number of forklift courses available depending on your skills and abilities.

Our RTITB forklift courses include:

Novice forklift training

Novice Forklift Training is for individuals who are beginners and have no experience in operating forklifts. Novice training courses are longer and more comprehensive than the other courses to ensure the correct skills and knowledge are gained.

Experienced Forklift training

Experienced forklift training is for those delegates who have existing knowledge and experience driving forklifts, but don’t have forklift or formal training. The duration is shorter than a novice course and tends to be cheaper as a result.

Forklift refresher training

Forklift refresher training is for operators looking to renew their certification and ensure they are up to date with the current HSE legislations. There are other instances that operators may be sent on refresher training. For example:

  • Those involved in accidents or near misses
  • Anyone who has not operated a forklift for a long duration
  • Those who are deemed driving in an unsafe or dangerous manner
  • Operators who have changed venue or locations
  • Operators assigned to a different forklift that they are familiar with
  • A change in circumstances ie an operator becomes disabled

Forklift Conversion Training

Conversion training is a type of basic training that ensures an operator is comfortable and competent to operate new equipment. A conversion course is appropriate for those operators that require training for a completely different type of machine than what they are familiar with. It could be moving to a much larger or smaller machine, or a big difference in truck capacity or a change in controls and application.


Our RTITB forklift training is the preferred choice of many delegates. RTITB accreditation standards have been delivered to thousands of operators across the UK. RTITB training courses are undertaken by safety professionals with years of experience and if you are an employer, an RTITB accredited training company like us can provide you with the assurance you need that you can meet the obligations set by the HSE and other applicable laws.


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