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Practical training from your workplace

Order Picker Training Course

Order Picker Practical Training Course

The PD Training course which has been recognised by the HSE aims to provide learners with the ability and knowledge to correctly, safely and legally operate a Narrow Aisle Order Picker Truck.

At Safety Problem Solutions, our instructors can cater for all workforce’s, private individuals and corporate clients including experienced and un certified operators, as well as providing conversion certifications.

Around 5 hours of the course will be spent in the classroom learning the theory of operating a Narrow Aisle Order Picker Truck. The theory features all the necessary legislation and the general principles of lifting as well as the operator’s code of conduct.

The practical training course will vary according to the experience of the learners and how many are undertaking the course.

Every learner will spend time practising their skills and techniques on the truck to enable them to pass the test. At the end of the course the learners will have a thorough knowledge of how to carry out vehicle maintenance and their individual roles and responsibilities whilst operating the Narrow Aisle Order Picker Truck, including their legal obligations.

The test consists of a theory test, pre-use check and a practical test of the learners operating skills. Reducing accidents, damage to property and financial costs due to unqualified drivers is every employer’s priority.

By ensuring your workers have undergone adequate training in the operation of a Narrow Aisle Order Picker Truck you will improve your business’s productivity whilst ensuring your compliance with the relevant legislation and HSE recommendations.

Training Locations

Our practical training courses can be carried out from your workplace or from our fully equipped training centre in Windsor, Berkshire. 

Course Duration

With a large scale of driver standards, we deliver tailored courses to suit our customers’ needs. All our training falls in line with the ‘Governing Body Brittops’.


After successful completion of our training candidates will receive:

  • BRITTOp Approved certificate of basic training 
  • Plastic photo identification card (additional cost)

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