First Aid Online Courses

CPD Certified first aid online training courses to meet your legal obligations and keep your workplace safe.

First Aid

£20 + VAT

CPD Certified 

This interactive online course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn basic life-saving skills and procedures to use in case of a medical emergency. Providing immediate/emergency first aid can save lives.

First aid in the workplace elearning

First Aid in the Workplace

£20 + VAT

CPD Certified 

This interactive online course will enable learners to have the confidence required to respond quickly and effectively to a wide range of accidents, illnesses and injuries that may occur while at work.The course covers the legal requirements of First Aid in the workplace and explores a variety of illnesses and conditions that may require emergency first aid.You will learn how to administer initial/emergency first aid to casualties, and possibly save lives.

cpr & defib awareness

CPR & Defibrillator Awareness


CPD Certified 

This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to learn about CPR or refresh their existing skills.

Mental Health Awareness elearning

Mental Health Awareness

£20 + VAT

CPD Certified 

This online mental health course is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning more about the concept of mental health, common mental health conditions and ways to promote healthy psychological wellbeing in our everyday life. Created by a Mental Health First Aider, this course provides a deeper understanding of the topic, promoting awareness and fighting the stigma that surrounds mental health.

Appointed Person First aid online training

Appointed Person First Aid

£20 + VAT

CPD Certified 

This online First Aid course is suitable for anyone who has been selected for the role of Appointed Person in the workplace, or anyone wishing to explore the possibility of becoming one.The course clearly explains the role and responsibilities of the appointed person, as well as the necessary actions to take in the event of a medical emergency happening at work.

Paediatric First Aid elearning

Paediatric First Aid

£20 + VAT

CPD Certified 

This online course provides learners with the theoretical knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to identify different illnesses and conditions, respond effectively to a variety of paediatric emergencies, and provide initial first aid treatment to a casualty until the arrival of the ambulance.

First Aid FAQ's

Personal trainers are not currently required to be first aid certified, which means that an awareness course such as our First Aid e-learning would be sufficient to provide you with the theoretical knowledge necessary to treat many common medical emergencies you may encounter in your work until the arrival of an ambulance.

This online course can also be useful if you already hold a first aid qualification and you simply wish to refresh your knowledge. This course runs entirely online and you can complete it at your own convenience and in your own time.

However, although you do not need to be first aid certified as a personal trainer, we believe that holding a first aid qualification could make a difference for your client base. Letting your clients know that you are fully accredited as a first aider will make them feel more secure and safe whilst being trained. And you will be more confident in providing emergency first aid treatment, if ever required to do so.

To book a face-to-face Emergency First Aid at Work course and become first aid certified, click here. After successful completion of this face-to-face course, you will receive a First Aid qualification issued by the British Red Cross  that has a 3 year validity.

Following recent government changes, if you are a door supervisor or security guard looking to renew your SIA licence, you must now complete a first aid qualification. This means that you must undertake face-to-face Emergency First Aid at Work training. At the end of this course you will be awarded with a First Aid qualification issued by the British Red Cross (with a validity of 3 years) and you will be fully certified. Click here to find out more about the training and book your course.

As per government requirements, you will need to do this if either of the following apply:

  • you are applying for a licence for the first time
  • it has been longer than 3 years since you last held a licence for that activity
  • if you are renewing your licence

The qualification must be an Emergency First Aid at Work qualification

Are you looking for Practical First Aid Training?

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