The importance of having a Fire Warden in every business

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Every business should have a trained fire warden on staff at all times. A fire warden is responsible for leading the evacuation of the building in the event of a fire, and can help minimise damage and casualties. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of having a fire warden in every business, their roles and responsibilities and provide tips on how to train employees to become effective fire wardens.

The importance of Fire Warden Training

Fire can ruin businesses, which is why every step needs to be made to try and stop a fire from occurring. This includes fire safety awareness training for staff and the appointment of at least one fire warden (sometimes called a fire marshal), depending on the size of your business.

An appointed fire warden is given a big responsibility and it is vital that your appointed person(s) have a full understanding of their roles and responsibilities. By undergoing fire marshall training, your appointed person will be fully equipped for the role should an emergency occur.

Some of the areas included within the training cover how a fire develops, how to undertake risk assessments, carry out fire drills and clarifies your duties as a fire marshal. The training will usually include the theory of combustion and the factors required to start a fire. By understanding this, it can usually be easier to prevent a fire from occurring. Within the workplace, prevention is often the best course of action as fires can be difficult to control once they break out.

Fire Safety Online Training is a vital part of health and safety for every organisation, and the fire marshals role is very important whatever the size of the organisation.  

What is the difference between fire safety awareness and fire warden training?

Not all staff have to have high levels of responsibility when it comes to fire training in the workplace. Fire Awareness Training and Fire Warden Training are both important in the workplace, but what is the difference between the two?

Fire Safety Awareness Training is a health and safety course that applies to all members of staff in the workplace. This training allows delegates to have a basic understanding of fire safety, how to spot the signs and how to fight small fires. Providing this training alone will significantly reduce the risk of a fire breaking out in your workplace.

Good fire safety awareness training will provide critical knowledge, including the importance of fire safety, causes of fire, fire classification, legislation, how to conduct fire risk assessments, steps to take for fire prevention and information about fire evacuation procedures and plans.

Additionally, the HSE recommends that every workplace has a minimum of one trained Fire Warden in every workplace for every 5 members of staff. This number is also dependant on the workplace site, industry, the buildings in question, the number of staircases and other considerations, so it is a general rule.

A Fire Warden (or Fire Marshal) is an appointed person that undertakes the training required that is specific to emergency fire procedures, how to take fire safety risk assessments and reporting, training in emergency procedures and evacuation.

Fire Warden Evacuation Plan
Emergency Evacuation Plans implemented by Fire Wardens

The roles and responsibilities of a Fire Warden

A Fire Warden is a person(s) designated by the person with responsibility for workplace activities, or workplace manager, to assist them in implementing the necessary fire safety arrangements as identified by the manager to prevent a fire from endangering the health and safety of occupants and other relevant person for whom a duty of care is held.

Fire Wardens play an important role in ensuring the continuity of the workplace and are prepared for a fire emergency. Along with the Emergency Plan, devised by the Workplace Manager, Fire Wardens are an important risk control measure to ensure the workplace is prepared should an emergency situation – potentially a fire – occur.

Key Duties of a Fire Warden include:

  • To assist in preventing emergencies by monitoring the adequacy of the fire risk control measures.
  • To assist the workplace manager to implement and improve the emergency arrangements in the workplace.
  • To raise awareness of fire safety amongst staff about the fire hazards that exist within the workplace.
  • To be familiar with emergency arrangements and all fire escape routes and areas for their designated area.
  • Ensure all people are accounted for during an evacuation.
  • To assist all people in the workplace in the event of a fire, including those with specific needs
  • Assist in the safe evacuation of all visitors and staff and ensure their designated area is clear.

During an evacuation, the Fire Warden needs to:

  • Direct all people to leave the workplace/building using the appropriate routes and exits.
  • Check all accessible areas are clear.
  • Close windows and doors behind them to isolate or reduce spread of fire.
  • Guide everyone to the fire assembly area and confirm everyone has arrives safely.
  • Liaise with emergency services on arrival and provide any details relating to the incident.

Online Fire Warden Training Course

Fire Safety Online Training is fast becoming the most popular way to train staff members. Here at PD training, we offer Fire Safety Awareness, Fire Extinguisher Awareness and Fire Warden Training online. Our online courses provide minimal disruption to employees and employers and can be undertaken on any device that can access the internet.

On completion of the course, delegates receive a free downloadable certificate that can be verified by employers through our website. Our courses are designed to be engaging and interactive, and provide all the knowledge needed in fire safety and risk management and ensure the delegate is fully trained for fire warden responsibilities.


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