Fire Safety Online Courses

Easy to learn, certified online courses in fire safety to keep your workplace compliant.

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fire safety,fire safety online training
fire safety,fire safety online training
fire safety,fire safety online training

Fire Extinguisher Awareness

CPD Certified 

This interactive Fire Extinguisher Awareness online course provides a comprehensive guide of the different types of fire extinguisher, their purpose and instruction on how to use them safely and effectively.

fire safety,fire safety online training

Fire Safety Awareness

CPD Certified 

This online fire Safety Awareness course provides learners with a clear understanding of how dangerous a fire can be. The course identifies the effective safety procedures that organisations should follow in the event of a fire, to keep employees, members of the public, customers and contractors safe.

Fire Warden online training

Fire Warden Training

CPD Certified 

Businesses must appoint one or more designated Fire Wardens. This course will provide you with the knowledge you need to qualify as a trained Fire Warden in your workplace.

Are you looking for practical fire marshal training?

We offer face to face training by qualified instructors in your area.

Does your business comply with fire safety regulations?

Training in fire safety is a legal requirement, can prevent fires and reduce a company’s liability in the event of a fire breaking out. 

More importantly, due to through training in fire prevention, evacuation procedures and management systems, it can save lives.

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, businesses and organisations are responsible for ensuring that all employees are provided with the adequate training, according to their responsibilities within the workplace. There are various types of training depending on the responsibilities that a worker has, for example, Fire Warden TrainingFire Extinguisher Awareness and Fire Safety Awareness Training.

Fire can spread within minutes, and can also have catastrophic effects on people’s lives and businesses, leading to:

  • Fatalities
  • Injuries
  • Loss of business continuity
  • Damage to property
  • Damage to the environment
  • Legal action

With this in mind, many fires could actually be preventable with the right training. Trained workers and fire wardens can eliminate fire hazards and respond quickly and efficiently if a fire breaks out. Without adequate training, a small fire can rapidly grow to become a major incident.

What is the difference between fire safety awareness and fire warden training?

Not all staff will have the same responsibilities in the workplace. Fire Awareness Training and Fire Warden Training are both important in the workplace, but what is the difference between the two?

Fire Safety Awareness Training is a health and safety awareness course that applies to all members of staff in the workplace. This training allows learners to have a basic understanding of fire safety, how to spot the signs and how to fight small fires. Providing this training alone will significantly reduce the risk of a fire breaking out in your workplace. 

Additionally, the HSE recommends that every workplace has a minimum of one trained responsible person, for example as Fire Warden in every workplace for every 5 members of staff. This number is also dependant on the workplace site, industry, the buildings in question, the number of staircases and other considerations, so it is a general rule.

A Fire Warden (or Fire Marshal) is an appointed person that undertakes the fire safety training courses required that is specific to emergency fire procedures, how to take fire safety risk assessments and reporting, training in emergency procedures and evacuation.

Our online training courses

Our fire safety online courses are designed to provide essential information in the workplace, such as the types of fire extinguishers, how to conduct fire risk assessments in the workplace, and the relevant legislative information that every employer and employee needs to function safely.

Our e-learning courses are broken down into clear and manageable sections. All of our online courses can be worked through at your own pace, and your progress through the modules is clearly tracked to ensure you don’t miss any of your training.

Every course finishes with a final assessment. The final assessment will include a variety of questions relating to the content of your course. All delegates need to answer every question correctly to pass the course and to gain access to their certificate. If a delegate fails the final assessment on the first attempt, it can be retaken multiple times until the delegate has passed.

On successful completion of our courses, you will receive a free downloadable and printable certificate.

All course certificates issued have a unique identifier, and any certificate can be verified using our certificate verifier tool. 

If you are looking to appoint a designated fire warden, our Fire Warden Training course provides the necessary knowledge to fulfil this role.

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