Team Training

Train your team effectively with our 100% online, accredited training courses and monitor their progress on your own personalised dashboard

As a professional training company, we identified in the market an increased need for companies to have easy access to efficient and cost effective learning platforms, to train and manage their teams online

We have created a personalised dashboard, where you are able to add and allocate unlimited online courses, distributing e-learning material at your convenience to any employee, subcontractor and staff who require compliance and safety training to be on site

You will be able to manage, track and monitor their progress on your unique personalised dashboard, at any time

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Accessible on demand

Easy to navigate

Works on any device that can access the internet

No hidden fees

Play Video

Bulk Discounts

The bigger the order = the smaller the price

We offer bulk discounts for any large order containing any combination of courses (5 or more).

10% discount for orders of 5+ courses

20% discount for orders of 30+ courses

30% discount for orders of 80+ courses

40% discount for orders of 400+ courses

Purchase Bulk Licenses

Purchase bulk Group Licenses for a single PD Training Online course at once. Save time and effort of having to make individual purchases for each delegate.

Simplified Bulk Enrolment

Save hours of enrolment time by creating Group Codes. Team leaders can create a group code to allow their delegates to register into the system themselves

Track Team Progress

Manage delegates from the Team Management Dashboard. User friendly reports give group leaders insights into the progress of their delegates.

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Cost reductions

Online training to be cheaper than in-person training, despite the fact that you usually receive the same information, only tailored to your individual schedule. Say goodbye to travel fees, room bookings, expenses and time off work, this training can be done anywhere, at any time. 

Increased information retention

When employees can attend training on their own terms, e.g., online training, then they are more likely to retain information better. This increase in retention is also thanks to several other reasons, including the use of additional resources, such as informative videos, real-life examples, and attractive images.

Also, unlike practical training that may last for multiple hours with minimal or no breaks, online training can be paused at any time. This allows those taking the training course to pause and re-gain focus, perhaps completing their online training in sections, based on when they feel most focused.

An efficient way of training your team

Employers and managers can purchase licenses quickly and easily for their entire team. 

Gone are the days of taking your team offsite or finding a time where all of your staff are available for group training, as online training can be done anytime, on any device that can access the internet. This is ideal as it suits all worker’s schedules, regardless of which shift they work.