Slinger/ Signaler Training

Practical (face to face) training in Plant Equipment and Vehicles

slinger-signaller Training Courses Berkshire

The legal duties, responsibilities, Lifting Tackle Types and Uses, Understanding of Equipment Limitations, Weight Estimation, Care and Maintenance of Equipment, Hooking Up Procedures and Communication and Signals

  • Course introduction and induction
  • Health & safety at work act 1974
  • Lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations 1998
  • Provision & use of work equipment regulations 1998.
  • Approved code of practice
  • Operator safety and observation
  • Pre-Shift checks & test
  • Defect reporting procedures
  • Lift stability – engineering principles and weight assessment
  • Maneuvering skills
  • Rated capacity & load centres
  • Theoretical Test
  • Practical Test
slinger-signaller Training Courses Berkshire

With a large scale of driver standards, we deliver tailored courses to suit our customers’ needs. All our training falls in line with the ‘Governing Body NPORs’.

After successful completion of our training candidates will receive:

  • NPORs Approved certificate 
  • NPORs Plastic photo identification card (additional cost)
PD Training is your one stop training solution

If you or your business are looking for professional slinger/signaler training, our dedicated team can discuss your individual requirements.