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Why is Manual Handling training Important?

Manual handling training covers the dangers of lifting heavy objects and carrying out straining tasks at work. However, while many people think manual handling training is exclusive to physical jobs and industries, this is not the case. In fact, many office workers choose to do manual handling training too, to ensure the safety of their staff and to protect themselves financially in the case of a handling accident.

This article will discuss why manual handling training is important, beginning with the benefits of the training course.

What are the benefits of manual handling training?

Manual handling training should be conducted in industries and in roles where employees find themselves lifting heavy objects regularly, for example, the construction industry, warehouse work, and other strenuous roles.

The benefits of carrying out this training are numerous, but include:

  • Increased manual handling awareness for all employees
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Increased safety while at work
  • Protects your organisation (accident prevention)

These points will now be broken down individually.

Increased manual handling awareness for all employees

Firstly, there’s nothing wrong with increased awareness concerning manual handling. Perhaps some employees have taken this course before, only years prior. Re-introducing an online course such as manual handling training, provides a much-needed refresh, allowing employees to apply techniques addressed in the training course for better, safer operations while at work.

Practice makes perfect

It’s no secret that practice makes perfect. That’s why you should invest more time, energy, and resources into practical training or online training for your employees, including manual handling training.

The more your employees know, the better.  This increases their safety while at work, and efficiency of operations (e.g. fewer people off sick due to an accident).

Increased safety while at work

There are certain industries and work environments that pose more dangerous situations than others. In industries or workplaces with more physical work, manual handling training should be a top priority, teaching and refreshing workers on the correct way to operate equipment, to lift heavy objects, and manual handling tasks in a safe manner, whether working alone or as a team.

Introducing these courses online to your employees provides increased protection and safety, allowing your workers to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Protects your organisation

Although you should have the correct insurance in place, taking extra precautions to protect your workforce and organisation is crucial. Manual handling training teaches your employees how to lift heavy objects correctly and how to operate various pieces of required equipment.

With the correct knowledge and expertise, workers are less likely to cause injury to themselves due to incorrect procedures and skills.

Manual handling awareness courses

Here at PD Training, we provide practical and online training for manual handling. 

The manual handling online course from PD-training takes approximately 55-minutes, educating your workers on the correct handling procedures, increased safety at work and providing your employees with the tools to succeed. This course is accredited by the CPD and provides a certificate on completion of a final assessment. 

For employers looking for training on site, we provide comprehensive face to face training, in your workplace or from our training centre in Windsor. 

Find out more about our manual handling online training course or contact us for more information. 

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