Team Management

Welcome to your team management dashboard.
Here you can effortlessly handle delegate enrolment in groups, assign group leaders, manage course subscriptions and view student progress reports.

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How to use your dashboard

Using your group management dashboard couldn’t be simpler.
Here is a rundown of the features of your dashboard and how to use them.

Once you have purchased bulk licenses for your team, they are available to you to assign to a member of your team. 

In the Enrolled users tab in your dashboard, you can see all license holders in a list. Here you can re-invite or remove a delegate from your group. 

Here you can manually enrol a new user into your group. 

All you need to do is add your delegates first and second name, email address and select add user. 

You can run a report on your delegates progress by selecting the course and pressing ‘run report.’

You will then have a report detailing your delegates and their current course progress.

Make enrolment even simpler by creating a group code for your delegates.

By providing the group code, you can then bulk email your delegates and they will enrol themselves onto the course via your group code.