Paediatric First Aid Training

£20.00 + VAT

This Paediatric First Aid course is suitable for anyone who cares for young children and infants, whether in a professional setting (nannies, teachers, baby-sitters etc.) or in a private context (family, household etc.).

Course Duration: Approx 70 minutes


This course provides learners with the theoretical skills, knowledge and confidence to respond effectively, should they ever be faced with a paediatric emergency.

By the end of this course, learners will:

  • Know how to conduct a primary survey on a child
  • Know how to administer CPR to a child or an infant
  • Understand how to conduct a secondary survey
  • Know how to put children and infants in the recovery position
  • Be able to deal with and respond to choking, wounds and bleeding in children and infants
  • Be able to deal with and respond to burns and scalds, eye and head injuries
  • Know how to care for young children suffering from asthma, allergic reactions, croup disease, nosebleeds, epilepsy, febrile convulsions, hyperventilation and anxiety
  • Understand how to recognise meningitis and sickle cell
  • Be able to deal with and respond to sprains and strains, poisoning, electrocution, hypothermia and drowning


Approved by the CPD certification Service

Fully online course and final assessment with no time limits

No hidden fees

Works on any device that can access the internet

Free, downloadable certification on completion


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