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Manual Handling

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This online manual handling training course covers the dangers associated with lifting and handling tasks in the workplace. This certified training provides the knowledge and skills required to help keep your workforce safe from the risks involved from poor handling techniques and keep your workplace compliant.

Course time: Approx 55 mins

Lack of moving and handling training amongst employees is responsible for a third of all injuries that happen in the workplace. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), approximately 470,000 workers suffered with musculoskeletal disorders in the UK in the year 2020/21, which resulted in 6.9 million working days lost.

Injuries due to poor moving and handling techniques can have serious implications for the person who has been injured, and their employer. Injuries can occur anywhere in the workplace, but manual labour, awkward postures, heavy lifting and repetitive movements of arms, legs or back can increase the risks. Safe manual handling techniques help to increase employees’ awareness of the risks involved with lifting, and will lead to safer working environments and reduce the risk of workplace injuries.

Learn more about the legislation that regulates manual handling at work, the health implications that can result from poor manual handling, and how to adopt the correct manual handling techniques across all industries.

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations require an employer to carry out a risk assessment on all manual handling tasks that pose an injury risk, therefore, this course works well with our risk assessment online training course and our online health and safety training.

On successful completion of this course, learners will be awarded with a same-day certificate proving that they understand how to control and reduce the risk of workplace injuries.


Course Content

Module 1 - Aims & Course OutcomesAims and learning outcomes, Why it is important to use correct manual handling techniques, The understanding of your responsibility as an individual to carry out your job safely
Module 2 - Introducing Manual HandlingThe Definition of Manual Handling, Key Legislation that apply to Manual Handling
Module 3 - Injuries Associated With Manual HandlingUpper Limb Disorders (ULDs), Lower Limb Disorders (LLDs), Back injuries and Hernias, Acute injuries
Module 4 - Avoiding & Assessing Manual Handling ActivityAvoid manual handling activity, Assess manual handling activity
Module 5 - Good Handling TechniquesHow to perform good handling techniques, Planning for safe handling, How to safely perform essential two-handed symmetrical lifts, How to safely perform essential two-person symmetrical lifts, Pushing and pulling

Course Screenshots

Who should take this Manual Handling online course?

This training is applicable to any staff that regularly carry out manual tasks. It includes manual labourers, site workers, construction, warehouse workers, office workers and logistics staff who:

  • Pick up, push, pull and carry objects frequently 
  • Carry objects a long way 
  • Reach up or bend down frequently
  • Have to transport goods manually
  • Work with heavy loads regularly
  • Have experienced musculoskeletal disorders previously

Aims and learning outcomes

Effective training helps reduce the risk of injuries as a direct result of manual handling.

This course is designed to ensure learners will be more confident in:

  • Defining manual handling
  • The main laws governing manual handling in the workplace
  • The key hazards and risks associated with poor handling techniques
  • The main ways to control the risks or reduce the risks that poor manual handling techniques present

This course is certified by the CPD certification service.



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Certificates do not have an expiry date, however, based on the industry best practice guidelines, the recommended period for renewal of this training is 1 year.


During this online course you may encounter a few brief in-course questions that are designed solely to maximise user engagement and reinforce your learning throughout. These in-course features aren’t marked and, therefore, won’t affect your final assessment score.

Once you have completed the course, you will be asked to answer a selection of multiple choice questions with a pass rate of 100% for the final assessment. Don’t worry if you don’t pass! You will have unlimited attempts to retake the assessment and achieve a 100% pass rate, at no extra cost. Answers are marked automatically, so you will instantly know if you have passed, or whether you have to re-take the test before you can access your certificate. 

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