Having Difficult Conversations

£10.00 + VAT

This is a micro course aimed at people managers.  The bite sized learning provides useful tips and techniques for having difficult conversations, while avoiding conflict and maintaining good relationships

Course Duration: Approx 20 minutes


Managing people inevitably means you will need to have a difficult conversation at some point.  It could be for many reasons including performance, behaviour and attendance.  You may even need to have difficult conversations with your own boss.

Often we avoid these conversations because our past experience tells us they will lead to conflict.

By following a few simple tips and techniques, you can become skilled and confident at having difficult conversations while avoiding conflict and maintaining good relationships

This bite sized learning will leave you equipped to tackle the thorniest issues with confidence.


This bite sized learning should take no more than 20 minutes and is designed for the time-starved manager.  It can easily be fit in to the managers busy schedule and can be revisited whenever needed

Approved by the CPD certification Service Fully online course and final assessment with no time limits No hidden fees Works on any device that can access the internet Free, downloadable certification on completion  

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