Employee Engagement & Motivation

£20.00 + VAT

This course is aimed at people managers who want to build sustainable and highly engaged teams. 

Course Duration: Approx 45 minutes


Employee engagement and motivation is a state of mind, where employees are energised by their job, willing to go the extra mile and fully absorbed in their work.

Research has proven a strong link between high levels of employee engagement and organisation performance and productivity. 

By understanding the enablers of employee engagement and recognising the barriers, you can build a sustainable and engaged team.

As an individual manager, you have a significant influence on the engagement levels of your team and this course will show you how to ensure your employees are fully engaged at work

Course Duration: Approx 45 minutes

Approved by the CPD certification Service Fully online course and final assessment with no time limits No hidden fees Works on any device that can access the internet Free, downloadable certification on completion  

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