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Diversity & Inclusion In The Workplace

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This Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace online training course is designed to raise awareness of the importance of diversity & Inclusion as part of your overall business strategy.

Course Duration: Approx 30 mins

Many things contribute to an individual’s identity: race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, political beliefs etc. These traits, and more, are what make us all different. How can we fully welcome and explore diversity in the workplace? Inclusion often means a shift in an organisation’s mind-set and culture that has visible effects on people and the business. This online course is designed to raise awareness of the importance of creating an inclusive workplace culture, having diverse teams and empowering people by valuing individual diversity. The course provides learners with a solid understanding of what diversity and inclusion are and how they positively impact business, improve creativity and boost innovation. An inclusive culture makes people feel respected and valued for who they are, as an individual or group. 

As the UK becomes more and more culturally diverse each year, Diversity and Inclusion training such as this course, has become an essential part of training for all places of work and is supported by the law through the Equality Act 2010. The benefits of a diverse workforce not only provide social harmony at work for the employees, but also increase productivity and profitability that will help the organisation succeed in the global marketplace.

Course Content

Module 1.1What is diversity and why does it matter? What is inclusion and why does it matter?
Module 1.2The moral case, the legal case, the business case, examples of exclusion
Module 1.3What can organisations do to create an inclusive culture?
Module 1.4Negative impacts of exclusion with examples

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Who should take this Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace course

This course is suitable for anyone at any level, from managers to employees of all departments, as everyone in the workplace has a responsibility of supporting and promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion. The course has been designed as an introductory level, so no prior training or knowledge is required.

The course addresses unacceptable behaviour, stereotyping, victimisation and discrimination; furthermore it introduces the characteristics protected by The Equality Act 2010, suggesting ways in which to build a more supportive, harmonious place of work. This course could be beneficial for employees, managers and senior managers who want to create an inclusive culture at work

is suitable for senior leaders, managers or any employee who wants to understand more about diversity and inclusion at work.  It .  It is ideally suited to form part of a wider training programme within an organisation and would work well as a bite size introductory session as part of new hire orientation for example.


Course aims and learning outcomes

By the end of this online course, learners will have a better understanding of:

  • The meaning of ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’
  • What the law says
  • Fulfilling a moral duty
  • Direct and indirect discrimination
  • The importance of awareness training
  • How to build an inclusive workplace
  • Groups that commonly tend to be more subject to discrimination

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