CPD Accredited online training courses to meet your legal obligations and keep your workplace safe.

£10 + VAT

Effective Time Management e-learning course

Effective Time

Today’s world can feel overwhelming. By practising the tips and techniques outlined in this micro-course, you can effectively manage your time so that you achieve more, even when the pressure is on.

£20 + VAT

Managing Remotely

Whether you manage one or multiple remote workers, this course provides a useful guide on what to think about, what pit-falls are and how to get the best from your remote workers.

£20 + VAT

Employee Engagement
and Motivation

As a manager, you have a significant influence on the engagement levels of your team. This course is aimed at people managers who want to build sustainable and highly engaged teams.

£20 + VAT

Recruiting Great

Hiring great people is every manager’s dream but is not always easy to achieve. This short course for busy managers will show you how you can attract the right people, in the right way and with a positive and lasting impact on your employer brand.

£20 + VAT

Having Difficult

Managing people inevitably means you will need to have a difficult conversation at some point. By following a few simple tips and techniques, you can become skilled and confident at having difficult conversations while avoiding conflict and maintaining good relationships

£20 + VAT


Managing conflict well is essential to maintaining team harmony and getting the best out of every team member. This short course will equip managers with the knowledge and techniques to effectively manage conflict in the workplace.

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