Food Safety
Online Courses

Easy to learn, CPD certified online food safety courses.

Level 1 Food Safety & Hygiene Courses

Level 2 Food Safety & Hygiene Courses

Level 3 Food Safety & Hygiene Courses

Food Safety level 1 Online

Level 1 Food Safety & Hygiene

£10+ VAT

CPD Certified 

Aimed at workers who are not directly involved in preparation or handling of food, but where food is prepared, for example, waiters, bar tenders, delivery drivers and checkout staff.

HACCP 1 elearning course

Level 1 HACCP

£10+ VAT

CPD Certified 

The course gives a general awareness of food management plans. If you work in a food business but are not directly involved with preparing or handling food, this is for you.

Food Allergen Awareness

£20 + VAT

CPD Certified 

This course provides awareness of food allergens, how they can affect people, what the law says and how to avoid cross contamination in the preparation and cooking of food.

If you directly handle or prepare food, you will be looking for our level 2 courses. 

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