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How Online Training can benefit your business

In the age of COVID-19, everything seems to be transitioning online, from virtual meetings, conference calls, and even lectures, to online training. While online training was a thing before the coronavirus hit back in March 2020, it has gained considerable traction in just several months.

However, just what is online training? Is there much difference between practical training, and is it worth the investment? This article will discuss everything you need to know about our online training courses in health & safety, specifically in the office, logistics and construction industries. 

Online training increases safety when on the job 

Although training on the job is necessary, learning before executing a specific task or role can somewhat increase confidence in employees, especially construction, logistics and warehouse teams. For example, a worker who has trained and studied online on how to operate equipment is less likely to misuse this equipment, perhaps avoiding harm to themselves, others, or causing damage to the project.

One of the more common forms of training, especially in these industries is health and safety. This type of online training is one that should be repeated, at least once a year. Not only does this minimise the risk of an accident at work, but in the unfortunate event of an incident, all staff would be appropriately trained to deal with the situation. This is beneficial to all parties, increasing safety, reducing insurance costs, and protecting the construction company financially in the event of a lawsuit. 

Online training can Reduce Costs

Unlike practical. or face to face training, online training allows you to cut costs. Often, you’ll find online training to be cheaper than in-person training, despite the fact that you usually receive the same information, only tailored to your individual schedule. 

Say goodbye to travel fees, expenses, and time off work. Instead, this training can be done from anywhere at any time on numerous devices. This is ideal as it suits all worker’s schedules, regardless of which shift they work. 

Increased information retention

When employees can attend training on their own terms, e.g., online training, then they are more likely to retain information better. This increase in retention is also thanks to several other reasons, including the use of additional resources, such as informative videos, real-life examples, and attractive images.

Also, unlike practical training that may last for multiple hours with minimal or no breaks, online training can be paused at any time. This allows those taking the training course to pause and re-gain focus, perhaps completing their online training in sections, based on when they feel most focused.

To conclude

Online training is the future across many industries.

We offer full online training courses specific to logistics, warehouse and the construction industry, including general health & safety. Our Online Training also allows group licenses which gives management roles access to a dashboard view to analyse the progress of delegates, monitoring their performance as they complete their course(s). All offered online training courses also come with an accredited certificate, a must-have in a working environment such as warehouses and other workplace settings.

PD Training are a professional Training Company specialising in Online and Practical training courses in Plant Equipment, Material handling and Health & Safety. View our list of upcoming online courses. If you would like more information on our online or practical training courses, then contact us today.

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