How eLearning technology has changed workplace learning

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The corporate training landscape is changing and technology has had a huge impact in the way we learn. The pandemic has brought a shift in the corporate training world as innovative online training methods have started to take centre stage. Long gone are the days of hiring face to face trainers, travel and hire costs when online training courses can optimise your time and provide uninterrupted, cost effective training while ensuring the quality of your training remains high.

Bespoke online training is a powerful tool for any business. The process of creating bespoke learning courses allows your organisation to get exactly what’s needed from your online training experience as the development process follows your specific business requirements.

A new way of learning

Modern technology has had an impact, not just in learning but for society in general. Businesses are changing the way they produce and sell goods or services due to technological developments and innovation. From apps to buy leftover food from retail stores and quick turnaround times, due to digital transformation consumers have changed their expectations across all areas of their lives, including workplace learning. Most workforces have embraced new technologies and become modern learners, changing their expectations of how and where they can learn. The characteristics of a modern learner have evolved as the workforce is provided with new technologies across all areas of their lives.

The characteristics of a modern learner include:

  • Rapid learning with quick access and ease of use
  • Expects seamless and responsive technology to be used on any device
  • No set structure or formality
  • Values originality and creativity
  • Expects premium user experience
  • Motivated to learn but in bitesized chunks

In this blog, we will look at the way we choose to learn and how we can now provide teams with engaging learning methods using the technologies your team choose to use.

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How technology has changed workplace learning

Technology is always evolving and we all need to keep up, but luckily, human beings are quick to adapt, and your workplace is already at least half way there. In a recent survey, 70% of 2,000 millennials said they would quit a job if it lacked high performing and fast technology. (Jive Communications).

The younger workforce are mobile natives, and have grown up in a digital world and have expectations that are set up by Apple, Google or YouTube.

This isn’t just an issue for millennials though, those born before the rise of mobile phones are also expressing that they would leave a job if the technology wasn’t up to scratch. As businesses, we need to accept that in workforce learning, there is a multi device expectation, with 91% of smart phone users turning to their device for ideas while doing a task (Communications Market Report 2018, Ofcom).

Online learning should be available on any device that can access the internet to allow learners to access their training whenever they like, wherever they like.

Increase retention with engaging bespoke content

We all value authentic experiences, and with bespoke content we can deliver highly engaging content, allowing learners to experience realistic examples that are relevant in their workplace. This can be achieved through interactive content, stimulating imagery and gamification. Engaging content is the key to retaining the information we learn, and with custom eLearning, your content is created for your business, with your branding.

Tracking the learning progress of your team

Learners may be looking for easy access to training materials, but employers and management teams are also looking for ease of use. With so much access to remote learning, how can managers assign, track and monitor the progress of their team? Choose an eLearning provider with a user friendly team training dashboard to help streamline the process.

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Bespoke eLearning is the key to transforming your existing corporate training 

As businesses embrace online learning strategies, they often look at converting their existing training content. This includes training material in a previous format, such as instructor-led training, PDF manuals, old training videos, spreadsheets, infographics etc. These types of formats can be transformed into an interactive course that fits your needs and branding. Legacy content can be a valuable resource for course designers, as it can help them design a course that is more pertinent to the organisations’ L&D goals. 

By taking the time to review and repurpose legacy content, you can create up to date and immersive training experiences for your learners.

How to assess your legacy content:

1. Not all legacy content is going to be perfect. Before converting your existing content, make sure that it is of a good enough quality to provide return on investment.

2. Some legacy content may no longer be applicable or relevant to your organisation or employees. Make sure that the content you choose to customise is still useful and relevant.

3. If you’re customising eLearning, it’s important to focus on the needs of your learners. By keeping your learner in mind, you can make sure that your customised eLearning course is much more effective.


Customised corporate online training is the new trend in business. As more people opt for personalised bespoke products and services across all industries, there’s no reason why online courses courses shouldn’t be customisable too!

Learning is key, not only in business, but in inspiring lives and career development. Embracing new technologies and customised online learning solutions will help keep your workplace not only compliant in your industry, but in touch with technologies to come. Innovation in learning technologies are everywhere, and employers should be looking to stay ahead with eLearning.

Here are some elements to consider when implementing online learning:

  • Always consider the learner experience first: We develop our bespoke online courses to help businesses deliver the best L&D results, as well as helping them retain and develop the skills and knowledge of your workforce.
  • Create a learning experience that engages your learners, with interactive and immersive elements that will convey the message of your company culture and ethos.
  • Encourage your workforce to feel invested in company goals and purpose with branded eLearning
  • Provide an eLearning solution that can be used across multiple devices, at any time from anywhere. Unresponsive eLearning can ruin the experience and take learners out of the moment, reducing the chance of them retaining the information.
  • Deliver training that is unique: Modern learners will continue to be more and more demanding, with developing technologies and high expectations, so it is important to narrow the gap between technology in their personal lives and workplace technology.

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