CPD Accredited Health and Safety online training courses to meet your legal obligations
and keep your workplace safe.

£15 + VAT

Manual Handling

This Manual Handling online training course covers the dangers associated with lifting and handling tasks and how the risks can be minimised by following the correct measures in the workplace.

£20 + VAT

Fire Extinguisher

This course provides awareness of the different types of fire extinguishers, including the components of fire on a basic level and the fire classification scale that is used throughout the UK.

£15 + VAT

Working at

Our Working at Height course provides employers and employees with the knowledge and understanding required to be able to work safely at height and learn how to assess and control the risks.

£20 + VAT

Health and Safety
in the Workplace

This Health and Safety in the Workplace course introduces the importance of good health and safety practices and addresses the most effective ways to reduce the risks of accidents and injuries in the workplace.

£20 + VAT

Working in
Confined Spaces

This working in confined Spaces course is aimed at anyone who is required to work in spaces of an enclosed nature, where there is a risk of injury from hazardous substances or dangerous conditions.

£20 + VAT

Control of substances
hazardous to health (COSHH)

This  course raises awareness of the dangers associated with hazardous substances and the practical steps that can be taken to reduce or eliminate the risk they pose.

£15 + VAT

Slips, trips
and falls

Slips, trips and falls constitute the main cause of work-related injuries recorded in the UK. This course provides you with relevant training to protect you from accidents at work, while complying with your workplace regulations.

£20 + VAT

Fire Warden

Under current UK legislation, businesses must appoint one or more designated Fire Wardens to ensure compliance in the workplace.  This course will provide you with the knowledge you need to qualify as a trained Fire Warden in your workplace.

£15 + VAT

Risk Assessment

This Risk Assessment training course is designed to help employers meet their obligations under the Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999 by describing how to complete a suitable and sufficient workplace risk assessment.

£20 + VAT

First Aid

This course provides learners with the theoretical skills, knowledge and confidence to respond effectively, should they ever be faced with a paediatric emergency.

£20 + VAT

First Aid appointed person online training

Appointed Person-
First Aid Training

Where a first aid needs assessment indicates that a first aider is not necessary, the employer must designate the role of an appointed person to take charge in a medical emergency.

£20 + VAT

GDPR in the

This course gives an overview of data protection and GDPR in the workplace and what the regulations mean for treatment of personal data by employers and other third parties working on their behalf.

£25 + VAT

First Aid
in the Workplace

The course is suitable for anyone (over the age of 16) who might need to provide responsible first aid care in the workplace; it will enable learners to have the confidence required to respond quickly and effectively to a wide range of accidents, illnesses and injuries that may occur while at work.

£20 + VAT

Having Difficult

Managing people inevitably means you will need to have a difficult conversation at some point. By following a few simple tips and techniques, you can become skilled and confident at having difficult conversations while avoiding conflict and maintaining good relationships

£20 + VAT

Employee Engagement
and Motivation

 Whether you are an employee or a manager, this short course will guide you through the key areas to be aware of, from physical to cyber safety as well as links to further reading and resources.

Adhering to good health and safety practices at work is vital for every workplace, in every industry. Workplace illness and injuries can cost a company their reputation, and have significant financial implications when not dealt with effectively. Our online health and safety courses are designed to help individuals and employers understand legislation and compliance while improving the working environment

Creating a culture of safety in the workplace can provide employees with the confidence, knowledge and skills they require to perform their roles safely, while enjoying a workplace that is legally compliant. Promoting good health and safety culture amongst employees will increase productivity, promote a safer work environment, reduce the risks of workplace accidents, and ultimately, it can improve long-term business performance

Minimise the risks in your workplace with our comprehensive list of health and safety online training courses. With our range of safety training courses, you or your staff can gain a variety of essential health and safety skills online, from learning how to conduct a thorough risk assessmentsafe manual handling techniquesfire safety knowledgehow to deliver first aid effectively and much more.

Our CPD approved interactive courses make distance learning convenient and cost effective for all individuals and organisations, regardless of size. We aim to provide people in all positions of responsibility with the knowledge of how to identify, evaluate and control workplace risks.

With our online courses, you can develop your team without disrupting your business. Our courses are flexible, cost effective, and easy to follow. They’re the perfect way to stay on top of your legal requirements for qualifications, without taking too much time away from work. 

We can also offer group licences with preferential business pricing, payment terms, and a dedicated account manager to keep your team’s training up to date as your business or staff changes.

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Our health and safety online courses are suitable for anyone looking to improve their personal or career development or refresh their previous training knowledge. 

Benefits of online learning include reduced costs for individuals and employers, increased information retention and all delegates of online learning are able to enjoy their distance learning, at their own pace, safely in their optimal learning environment. 

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