Bespoke Training Courses

Creating online courses uniquely tailored to your business

The aim of creating bespoke online courses is to provide our clients with training that fully meets the unique needs of the business or industry. We strive to make all content and learning materials more relatable and better retained by staff and to inspire delegates to achieve their highest learning and business success goals. 

An example of bespoke training

Think of a new starter joining the team. The purpose of induction training would be to welcome them to their new role, while pointing out the ‘must knows’ for the job, in an easy-to-digest and more engaging manner to better cement their learning.

The course could include a virtual tour of the premises, a section dedicated to company policies and procedures, staff organisational charts, HR and supervisor contact information, absence and sickness leave procedures, access points and dining locations, emergency exit locations etc. the list is endless!

The point is, that you will have more peace of mind knowing that your staff have easy access to bite-size, online learning material specific to their role.

We host the training portal so that your use of the dashboard is easy and cost effective; from there, you will be able to allocate a variety of online training courses to your staff and manage/monitor their learning progress.

We also offer an extensive library of fully accredited compliance online courses, covering a variety of topics to cater for all industries and audiences, which can also be adapted to reflect the nature and branding of your business.

The benefits of bespoke training

Accommodating everyone's needs

Our courses can be accessed by delegates on any of their mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.) as well as on desktops. Once the user gains the login details, they will be able to conveniently work through a course in their own time, at their own speed

Measure results and track progress with user friendly reports

Take advantage of the user friendly reporting functionality on the management dashboard. Team leaders can gain insights into the progress of their delegates, allowing them to identify any delegates who are struggling, or not completing the course as per the expected progress rate

Cost Effective

Say goodbye to travel fees, admin fees, expenses, and time off work. Instead, this training can be done from anywhere at any time on numerous devices. This is ideal as it suits all workers’ schedules, regardless of which shift they work

Increased information retention

As employees are able to access training on their own terms, they are more likely to retain information. This increase in knowledge retention is also a result of several other factors such as:

  • the use of additional resources (e.g. informative videos, real-life examples, attractive imagery) that increase sensory engagement
  • interactive features (e.g. gamification features, role-plays etc.)
  • immediate feedback and recognition offered by features such as quizzes and scenario based activities


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Easy Administration through the team dashboard

Our dashboard makes the enrolment process quick and easy. Save the time and effort required to register your team individually. You can opt to let users self register using a group code or email registration or you can import users in bulk

Any group leader can re-invite members who have been removed, have forgotten their passwords, or have been away from the course for a long while. You can send the invitation via an email containing the required login details, including a ‘Reset Password’ link

Dedicated Account Manager

For any order for bespoke training, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager. 

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